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with Fiska

Generate more revenue and build a better payment experience for your customers

Expect more and get more with Fiska

Ambitious platforms don’t need to settle for status-quo payment providers offering cookie-cutter solutions and minimal support. Fiska gives you an easy integration coupled with the flexibility and service you need to launch a successful payments solution.

Better ROI

Better ROI

Increase profitability with our partnership model

Fiska believes that payments should generate profits for your business while still being market-competitive for your users. We offer a transparent partnership model designed to generate revenue and achieve higher adoption rates to accelerate your growth.

100% Success based

Fiska’s partnership model is based on shared risk and reward — we only win when you win.

Transparent pricing

Our clear pricing structure improves predictability and helps you make better, more informed business decisions.

Higher profits

All profits above interchange are shared with our partners to ensure a better ROI and align interests for mutual success.

Better Service

Build a tailored solution and get personalized support

One-size-fits-all never quite fits anyone. Our team works with you to tailor the integration to support your payment workflows so you can elevate your user experience and drive higher adoption.

White-labeled integration

Apply your branding to the payment solution to give users a brand-consistent experience.

100% visibility and control

Design and control your users’ onboarding process and support experience.

Ongoing support

Receive ongoing support from the Fiska team. We always provide personalized service to you and your users.

Better Experience

Create a seamless user experience

Avoid the complications of multiple integrations. Fiska’s omnichannel API simplifies the payment experience from beginning to end.

One simple payments API

Use a unified integration for in person and online payments.

Get to market fast

Launch and monetize sooner with intuitive developer tools and dedicated support.

Maximize User Adoption

Configure your payments activation workflow to drive higher conversion.

Discover how Fiska accelerates profitable growth.