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using FiskaApi;
var config = new Config {
Token = "Z29maXNrYQ..",
IntegrationType = IntegrationType.Physical
var payment_api = await new PaymentApiAsync(config);
var result = await paymentApi.PayAsync(500);
import fiska.api.*;
var config = new Config("Z29maXNrYQ..", IntegrationType.Physical);
var paymentApi = new PaymentApi(config);
var result = paymentApi.Pay(500);
import fiskaapi
config = {
"token": "Z29maXNrYQ..",
"intgration_type": "Physical"
paymentapi = PaymentApi(config)
result =
import { PaymentApi } from "fiska-api"
const config = {
token: "Z29maXNrYQ..",
integration_type: IntegrationType.Physical
const paymentApi = await PaymentApi.Create(config)
const result = await paymentApi.Pay(500)

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