Payment middleware 
for payment providers

Fastest payment integration on the market

Our SDKs and APIs allow software developers (ISVs) to integrate to a broad selection of payment terminals without breaking a sweat. 

Easiest way to integrate payments & POSs

Our middleware automatically detects a merchant’s payment terminal and seamlessly pairs it with the POS software. Merchants can start processing immediately and effortlessly.

Broad terminal support

We support the broadest range of payment terminals, including current and next generation Ingenico terminals. We eliminate the need to reprogram or swap terminals in the field: our middleware connects directly to the core application converting a stand-alone terminal into a semi-integrated device.


Cross-platform compatibility

Whether merchants choose cloud, mobile or desktop POS software to run their business, we have the integration. We support software applications running inside browsers, or on Windows, Mac OS or iOS; with dedicated SDKs and sandbox environments for each.


Your payment technology stack

Your brand comes first – our white label platform allows you to promote your own brand. We continuously improve with new features and add new payment methods to future-proof your payment technology stack.


No certification required

Our middleware is pre-certified, eliminating the need for end-to-end certification.