Designed for
ambitious businesses

Fiska’s partnership model is designed to set you up for success and scale.

Embedded payments create game-changing opportunities.
Picking the right partner is key.

Here’s our promise


Make clear decisions with a transparent cost structure.

Other providers often increase fees without notice.

Fiska offers a transparent cost structure and full control over what your users pay.

Interchange-Based Profit Share

Increase revenue by maximizing the profits you make from payments.

Typical agreements calculate profit share above providers’ rates.

Fiska’s profit share is based on the true cost of interchange.


Rest assured that Fiska will never charge fees you don’t approve.

Conventional reporting can be a nightmare to decipher.

Fiska provides simple reporting and support so you always know where you stand.

Work with a partner that truly shares the profit

In payments, profit share isn’t created equal.

Fiska gives you a transparent and profitable partnership designed to help you grow.

Get growing today!