Grow faster and further with Fiska’s Omni-Channel Platform.

In-person payments:

Deliver a reliable and streamlined checkout experience on our Android-based terminals.

  • Apply your brand to the display.
  • Easily configure, update, and remotely manage terminals.
  • Get lightning-fast integration with a few lines of code.

Online payments:

Create a seamless payment flow within your site to drive the highest conversion rate and sales.

  • Customize your payment page.
  • Get optimized checkout for any device and form factor.
  • Enjoy simple integration with easy API and code snippets.

Unified tokenization:

Accelerate growth by making it easier for your users’ customers to pay.

  • Capture and tokenize payment card data in person, online or via mobile.
  • Share tokens across all user accounts on your platform.
  • Use the tokens to enable 1-click checkout.
  • Use the tokens to enable purchases and refunds through any channel.

Merchant onboarding:

Increase adoption of your payment features by providing the best activation experience.

  • Get a self-service sign-up you can brand and embed into your platform.
  • Apply same-day account approval for most merchants.

Security and PCI DSS compliance:

Keep your user data secure and avoid PCI scope.

  • We handle PCI DSS security requirements and standards on your behalf.
  • We encrypt and safeguard sensitive card data and only provide your merchants with secure tokens.
  • We ensure that you and your users avoid the potential for data breaches and related liability.
  • We keep your reputation safe and your team focused where it matters most.

var result = await paymentApi.PayAsync(500); var result = paymentApi.Pay(500); result = const result = await paymentApi.Pay(500) let result = paymentApi.Pay(500) $result = paymentApi->Pay(500);

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